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Pictures would help. But generally, in New England, some old homes either have plank floors top nailed to the floor joists or you find a 45 degree pine subfloor that is nailed to joists with some type of flooring on top of the pine. Either way, if the floor feels solid , keep it . If you want to put something on top of it, do that . Bath must rest entirely and firmly on the sub floor. DO NOT SUPPORT THE WEIGHT OF THE BATH BY THE RIM. 6. Depending on floor surface conditions, leveling may be necessary. Shims may be used under the support legs. Additionally, a liberal amount of mortar or gypsum plaster may be applied around the perimeter areas of the legs to prevent the bathtub Subfloor under ceramic tile: Concrete Slab: If the concrete is clean and in good shape, you can use thin-set adhesive to glue tile directly to a concrete Plywood Subfloor: Glue and screw 1/2" cement backer board to plywood subfloors before tiling. Fill any seams in the backer board with thin-set and...Framed walls and subfloors are the bones of your home, let us show you how to install them right. After any kind of demolition, framing new walls is often the next step in any reno and will help you define your new space. The Home Depot offers services to help you complete your renovation project or ... The surface of the subfloor must be flat. The flatness requirement is defined as follows: the maximum difference between two high points a nd the intermediate low point is 1/4” in a 10’ radius. Surface flatness must not vary more than 1/16” when measured with a 3’ straight edge. Additionally, the subfloor must not slope more than 1 ...

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Jun 21, 2011 · It’s the most boring bathroom in the history of bathrooms.) And here’s the final mat in the kids’ bathroom (another never-before-seen room of my house). I was over the whole duck theme before I even moved in, but I already had it, so I used it. I can’t wait to give this bathroom a makeover! At least now it has a fab new bath mat. KINGSTON BRASS VTDE603122L 60-Inch Contemporary Alcove Acrylic Bathtub with Left Hand Drain and Overflow Holes, White 4.4 out of 5 stars 263. $468.21 - $767.95 #2. Jan 28, 2015 · That’s what they added to go underneath the tub to give extra strength to the floor joists since they’re carrying the weight of a 500 pound cast iron bathtub. Even though the subfloor was done the standard way in the linen closet, I still decided to remove it because I learned the hard way during my kitchen remodel that trying to marry new ... B) Above your Joist Gasket Tape and Joists, install your sub floor and apply Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound onto it, using two tubes for every 4” x 8” sheet. C) Add a 2nd layer of Subfloor perpendicular to the first layer sandwiching the Green Glue in between. Screw down the 2nd layer to the floor joist as you would to a typical subfloor.

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The subfloor of your installation is an important consideration when choosing a type of flooring and an installation method. When it comes to types of subfloor, glue down, loose lay, click, or floating flooring, each was created equal. Not one flooring format type works best for one type of subfloor. (thru the footing hole). Don't know where it drains, but right now it is draining into the 2 foot deep hole for footing. There is no mold & no musty water smell either. To summarize there is water under the concrete pad in the basement, but does not come above. The weeping tile must be draining somewhere. I want to hold her hand And show her some beauty before this damage is done But if it's too much to ask, if it's too much to ask Then send me a son Under the overpass In the parking lot, we're still waiting, it's already passed So move your feet from hot pavement and into the grass 'Cause.

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If the subfloor underneath the bathtub is inadequate, the wood will flex under its weight. Most people have walked across a floor or deck that flexes because the joists are too far apart and the subfloor is too thin for the load. In addition, fiberglass or acrylic tubs are not as rigid as cast iron tubs. Bathroom remodel. Mold leak subfloor. Cast iron bathtub 300+ lbs.Secret nailing the floor down to a wood subfloor. Prepare a plywood subfloor and nail any loose areas that move or squeak. Sand and or plane any high spots, and also fill any low areas. Once the floor is level, sweep and clean the surface. A 10mm expansion gap must be left around the perimeter of the room (including doorways).